Terms & Conditions


  1. Customers are required to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit on the date of ordering all bridal gowns and accessories. Monies are not refundable nor are they transferable to other goods once an order has been placed. (Sale of Goods act 1979)

  2. Goods ordered that are not available from stock normally take up to 16 weeks for delivery. All other goods sold ‘off the rail’ are sold as seen; therefore it is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure that they are happy with the goods at the time of purchase. Shade Bridal Boutique Ltd will not accept responsibility for the condition of goods once they have left the premises.

  3. The price of garments excludes all costs in respect of alterations.

  4. Exact colours and shades on fabrics and designs on trim, including beading and lace, cannot always be guaranteed, as all ordered garments are hand-made and subject to some variation.

  5. All garments are ordered to a standard size offered by the designers, which often differ from those found on the high street. Please note that gowns sold by Shade Bridal Boutique Ltd are made to order and not made to measure.

  6. Customers are required to settle any outstanding balance due once an ordered gown has arrived in store, and before any alterations are carried out. All garments remain the property of Shade Bridal Boutique Ltd until paid for in full.

  7. After a sales order has been signed and the order placed, Shade Bridal Ltd cannot and will not accept any responsibility in respect of any changes which may occur in the customer’s size and body shape.

  8. In the event of a wedding or occasion being cancelled for any reason whatsoever, balance on ordered goods becomes payable immediately and all items must be collected. There will be no exception and no monies refunded.

  9. Customers should retain their sales contracts and any other receipts as proof of purchase.

  10. Customers who cancel their sales contracts are not entitled to any refund. Please be aware that once gowns or occasion wear outfits are ordered, minimum cancellation periods from suppliers apply to Shade Bridal Boutique Ltd and under no circumstances can this be changed.


  1. Shade Bridal Boutique Ltd offers a fitting and alteration service which is independent from the shop and is provided by recommended seamstresses. Fittings and alterations may be carried out elsewhere; customers are not obliged to use the services provided by the store’s recommended seamstresses.

  2. Our recommended seamstresses are fully responsible for their works carried out on garments. Shade Bridal Boutique Ltd does not accept any responsibility for said work.

  3. No fittings will be carried out until gowns or occasion wear outfits are paid for in full.

  4. Fittings are generally started approximately six-eight weeks before the date at which the garment is required. Customers can expect to attend up to four fittings and are asked to make themselves available for said fittings when reasonably required.

  5. It is essential that customers bring their shoes and any under wear being worn on the occasion day to their fittings.

  6. We will recommend the amount of alterations to gowns, but if the customer insists on a tighter fit or an alteration we and the seamstress do not recommend, then we will not be held responsible for the outcome. Advice taken from the alteration specialist is taken at the customer’s own risk and responsibility.

  7. We do not accept responsibility for bridal gowns not fitting when collected due to a customer’s change in body shape and size or any other reason beyond our control.


If customers do not collect their goods (even if paid for in full) within three months of the specified occasion date passing, then the contract for goods will be deemed cancelled without further notice and any monies paid will not be refunded. The uncollected goods will then be returned to Shade Bridal Boutique Ltd to be re-sold.

All goods held in store, in transit to and held at our recommended seamstresses premises, are covered by Shade Bridal Ltd’s comprehensive insurance policy.

The Terms and Conditions outlined above do not affect the customer’s statutory rights.

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