David Fox - A master of Magic

We first came across David Fox...a man who can out-Fox anyone...at one of the many wedding fairs that we attend. He was wowing the visitors, the exhibitors and the venue staff with his beguiling charm and mind-blowing magic. We spent quite a lot of time trying to really 'see' what was going on. How did he make that ten pound note resurrect from a heap of ashes?

Magic up close and personal, perfect for entertaining wedding guests, will only make you shake your head and wonder...does it really exist? Is magic truly a thing that works alongside our logical, science-based world? I like to think so. But then I do believe in fairies!

wedding magician


Traditionally, David performs his brand of mix-and-mingle mystification during the drinks reception and photograph period, or the early part of the evening reception. 
However, not all weddings will follow a standard format and David, like his magic, can adapt to any situation. He has been seen entertaining wedding guests in all sorts of interesting locations over the years, from theme parks to zoos and haunted castles! And yes, a haunted castle would be perfect!

Wedding magician David Fox


Every couple has their own idea of what they want for the big day and David is always flexible and ensures his performance compliments any kind of schedule.

As well as being a close-up magician, David is also an outstanding stage performer. At many weddings in the past he has been asked to perform a show for all of the guests and put on a specially crafted piece. This is very special, and he will tailor the overall performance to suit the bride and groom's wishes.

David Fox magician


We all need a little magic in our lives and David Fox is a man who can pull rabbits out of hats and deal a winning card out of your ear at the same time!

Visit David's website and see for yourself.....